One – Day Consultation

1. Discovery Phase:

Prior to the onsite visit, you will complete MRG’s practice discovery profile questionnaire and have a scheduled one-hour call with Tracy to discuss his concerns and the desired outcome for Tracy’s visit. Tracy will email you a list of reports to have available for her review during the onsite visit. Online surveys will be conducted and completed anonymously by the entire team prior to the on-site visit.

2. On-site Visit:

Interviews: In the morning, all of the healthcare team members will be interviewed individually to identify the culture of the practice, needs, strengths and weakness as well as observe the workflow.

Lunch Presentation: Beginning at 12pm, Tracy will present a 2-3 hour tailored lunch and learn meeting with the entire healthcare team focused on why change is necessary and how the Relationship Centered Practice framework can transform the practice from its current state to the ideal future state.

Meeting with Practice Leadership: After the Lunch and Learn Meeting, Tracy will meet with the practice owner and leaders to discuss their needs and Tracy’s top priority recommendations based on her findings.

3. Summary Report:

Within two weeks of Tracy’s onsite visit, you will receive a summary report that will include the online team survey results and Tracy’s top priority recommendations based on her findings. In addition, you and your team will be given access to RCPA for one year.

Scope of Work
Discovery Phase, Online Team Survey and Summary Report
One Day Onsite Visit
RCPA Online Course
Total Project Costs


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