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Enjoy access to transformative training.

Are you ready to have the thriving and reputable veterinary practice you’ve dreamed of, without all the business headaches and frustrations?

The Relationship Centered Practice® Academy, a proven online training program from leading veterinary consultant Tracy Dowdy.

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The Relationship Centered Practice® Academy is for...



Introducing the Five Modules to Becoming a Relationship Centered Practice

The Relationship Centered Practice Academy’s online training curriculum is designed to give veterinary practice owners and their team the tools and insights they need to build a thriving practice, free from business headaches.

Identify your compelling vision and strategic plan to help your practice achieve its ideal future

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Build a self-reliant team so they are empowered and enjoy a healthy work/life balance

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Set standards to ensure your clients enjoy positive, consistent experiences

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Develop written systems and operating procedures to build confidence within your team

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Accurately and regularly measure key performance indicators to identify areas for improvement's

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Identify Your Compelling Vision and Strategic Plan

Module 1 | Valued at $1,900


Have you tried to implement change at your hospital, just to have the team go back to their old ways a few weeks - or even days - later?

In this module, Tracy will explain the psychology behind why change is so hard for people, plus give you a step-by-step approach to making change happen in your clinic. Once you’ve got the support of your team, you’ll be eager to launch your practice to the next level. To make that happen, Tracy will break down the importance of first establishing a mission statement, vision statements, and core values to guide you all toward success.

Discover what your team really wants from you as a leader, how to identify your champion employees, and get simple tips on cultivating strong bonds with each other. You’ll leave this module with the clarity necessary to guide your practice toward a shared vision and an empowered team that will allow you to work on your business instead of in it.


Build a Self-Reliant Team

Module 2 | Valued at $3,700


Are you wearing a million hats at your practice while simultaneously struggling to hire talented veterinary professionals to take the burden off you?

Tracy will walk you through how to develop a positive culture amongst your team so you have a loyal legion of future leaders, not just “warm bodies” filling roles for a few months. To get you there, you’ll receive a checklist that reveals exactly what you need to do to effectively recruit, hire, and train.

You’ll discover why hiring for spirit, not skills, will leave you with employees that feel a deeper connection to your practice. But it isn’t all about the employees.

We’ll focus time on developing your leadership skills so that you’ll be able to positively influence your team through trust and confidence.

Once you’re ready to lead your loyal dream team, Tracy will walk you through development of effective training programs that will empower your team so that your practice can serve more clients at a higher level.


Set Standards

Module 3 | Valued at $5,725


Do you want to deliver a consistent experience to your clients, patients and staff? It all starts with setting standards.

Decrease your inventory, empower your team, and boost compliance as you discover the holistic importance of standards of care. Tracy breaks down the nitty gritty on all things appearance, from what your team should wear to set the right tone with clients to how your logo should be presented on signage and handouts. Tying it all together are tips on communication that will leave you and your team excited for weekly staff meetings because - yes - they are critical to your success.

In this module, Tracy will show you everything you need to know about standards so that you can set your clinic apart from others, develop strong relationships, increase efficiency and boost compliance. The 3 steps you need to take to deliver Ritz Carlton-level customer service will be discussed, including ways to empower your team to wow clients with creative solutions to their problems.


Develop Systems A to Z

Module 4 | Valued at $1,097


What if you had one special document that ensured great client service, decreased staff training time, and empowered your entire team to feel prepared to handle all day-to-day activities at your practice?

That document does exist; it’s your Standard Operating Procedures. In this module, Tracy will walk you through the benefits of having procedures in place so that you’ll see the value in creating them. From there, she’ll give you 5 tips on how to draft them flawlessly. (She’ll even give you an idea of where to start so this doesn’t get too overwhelming).

You’ll leave this module feeling secure in delegating more to your team so that you can stop micromanaging and start focusing on what matters most to you.


What You Measure You Can Improve

Module 5 | Valued at $1,895


Reports can seem super overwhelming, but you can’t manage what you don’t measure! With so much to track, how do you know how to spend your time wisely?

Tracy starts this module giving you easy-to-implement tips on how to make sure the data going into your practice management software is high-quality. Once you know you’re not putting bad information in, you’ll be ready to get the important data you need to spot trends and become more efficient.

You’ll believe in the importance of daily audits after this module, plus feel confident about what to track monthly to avoid common pitfalls, from simple missed charges to extreme embezzlement. After a discussion of key practice indicators (KPIs), you’ll know how to compare your practice’s performance to ensure you hit your goals.



Receive Up to 20 Hours of Race-Approved CE

Depending on the plan you purchase, get access to 10+ hours of RACE-approved CE and done-for-you downloadable resources, including:

  • Strategic planning toolkit
  • Phase training checklists
  • Standards handbook
  • SOP toolkit
  • Data and KPI toolkit

Enrollment into the Relationship Centered Practice® Academy closes on the 31st of May at 11:59 PM PST. Join now so you don't miss out!









The Plans

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Access to Relationship Centered Practice® Academy for One Year
$99 Annual Renewal
(17 Video Lessons) 
Practice Workbook
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Access to Relationship Centered Practice® Academy for One Year
$199 Annual Renewal
(17 Video Lessons) 
Practice Workbook
(PDF Download)
(Up to 4 team members)
($97 for each additional user)
Done-For-You Downloadable Tools and Resources
(200 pages of tools and templates)
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Access to Relationship Centered Practice® Academy for One Year
$299 Annual Renewal
(17 Video Lessons) 
Practice Workbook
(PDF Download)
(Up to 4 team members)
($97 for each additional user)
Done-For-You Downloadable Tools and Resources
(200 pages of tools and templates)
Private Mastermind Group
(12 monthly group calls and direct access to a mentor, private Facebook group and additional tools.)
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About Tracy Dowdy, CVPM

Tracy is known throughout the industry for her unique and transformative consulting, which has propelled hundreds of practices to incredible heights of success. Her Relationship Centered Practice Academy is second-to-none when it comes to online practice management courses and is an excellent alternative option for practice owners and managers who are looking to improve their practices without the expense of a one-on-one consultant.

Tracy is recognized nationally and is frequently invited to speak at events and seminars across the country. Tracy has been published in many industry publications including AAHA’s Trends magazine, Veterinary Economics, and Veterinary Team Brief. She is a charter member and past president of VetPartners. 

Hear from Academy Members

When we started using the Relationship Centered Practice guidelines for hiring employees, it completely and greatly improved our ability to hire highly qualified candidates who are eager to learn, who are passionate about veterinary medicine and helping animals.

We began using Tracy's recommendations on how to advertise for the positions, how to conduct phone interviews and how to use phone interviews to decide which candidates to invite to our practice for in person interviews.

We use the RCPA recruiting tool kit provided in the program that includes guidelines and questions to ask during the interview process. We have had really incredible results. I have two staff members and myself who are going through the RCPA and together we are working our way through implementing the program in our practice. We are now doing weekly staff meetings, following the guidelines taught in the RCP program and the results are fantastic. Everyone has new ideas and new information to share. Everyone is on board with learning and growing.

I am thrilled with this program and so excited about how it is enabling me to take my practice in terms of growth, stability and overall job satisfaction (and joy again) for all of us in the practice! Thank you so very much!

Lucette Beall, DVM

Aubrey Animal Medical Center | Aubrey, TX




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