Change is hard and creates many unanswered questions. 
Which direction is best and how do I get there?

For whatever reason, you no longer feel engaged, challenged, energized, or fulfilled in your current role. Maybe it was a change at work, a bit of burnout, or a shift at home. Whatever the cause, you now want your professional choices to be more rewarding and meaningful because you know that work should be an extension of your values.

If you know you want more, you demand more!

Change Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

Together You And Tracy Will Focus On:

Improve Self Knowledge

  • Explore with top quality assessments
  • Create your stress management tool kit
  • Improve your work relationships and skill at managing up
  • Explore your blind spots and obstacles
  • Utilize brain science to propel you forward

Improve Your Marketability & Brand

  • Learn to exploit your strengths
  • Review your resume and LinkedIn strategy
  • Nail internal and external interviews
  • Assess offers and opportunities including self-employment

Improve Your Career Plan

  • Formulate your career strategic plan
  • Learn to adapt to new roles and transition
  • Activate your network and introductions
  • Develop your thought leadership
  • Maximize time and focus
  • Improve personal decision-making strategy

Professionals Who Hire Tracy:

  • Gain confidence and learn to exploit their strengths.
  • Can finally make clear-headed, strategic decisions about their career direction.
  • Learn to activate and nurture a professional network—for the remainder of their career.
  • Improve their ability to deal with the complexities of the industry and today’s uniquely stressful work environment.

What Is Included In Your Personal Development Coaching Program

Review of Recent Assessments and Relevant Documents

Access to Any Public Seminar or Webinar Tracy Offers

Access to Proprietary Assessments and Models

Monthly Professional Development Material

Tailored Coaching Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy is designed to heal wounds or trauma while coaching is designed to help people change habits and behaviors. Oftentimes my clients see a licensed mental health professional in addition to working with me in a coaching program. The two modalities work very well together.

Your six-month program includes 12 hours of coaching. Your sessions are 60 minutes long. You get to decide the cadence of your coaching. Most coach twice a month but you can coach weekly if you wish—I advise not to go longer than three weeks between sessions.

You are in good company.  Most of my clients have never worked with a coach before either. You’ve made a big decision so consider using this time and really stretch your habits to maximize your coaching time.

You’re one step closer to achieving your goals by making the decision to move forward with coaching.  You have actively decided to take action against what isn’t working anymore.  I will guide you through the process and together I’ll help you make the change. Bottom line, 90% of Tracy’s clients get promoted, land the role they want or improve their key leadership outcomes.

About Tracy Dowdy, CVPM


Tracy has two decades plus of experience in the veterinary industry as a veterinarian’s daughter, practice manager, owner, consultant, key opinion leader and national speaker.  Tracy has seen it ALL!

Tracy is recognized nationally and is frequently invited to speak at events and seminars across the country. Tracy has been published in many industry publications including AAHA’s Trends magazine, Veterinary Economics, and Veterinary Team Brief. She is a charter member and past president of VetPartners. 


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