Three – Day Consultation

1. Discovery Phase:

During the first phase, Tracy will perform an operational and business profile to establish a solid baseline understanding of the veterinary practice as well as conduct an initial on-site visit. The operational and business profile will include confidential online surveys, inquiries and interviews of the entire team, observation of the practice workflow and operations, and a deeper analysis of the practice’s financial performance. Online surveys will be completed anonymously by the entire team via email. The survey results will be shared and discussed with you. Tracy will review the practice’s financial statements for the last three years, its fee structure and key performance indicators (KPI’s) compiled from the practice management software data. All summaries, reports and analyses will be reviewed in detail with you. The first day of the on-site visit will be spent conducting confidential interviews with the entire team; observing the normal routines of the practice, becoming familiar with the systems and workflow of the hospital. Areas to be reviewed include healthcare team members’ roles and responsibilities; operating procedures in all the areas in the hospitals; medical records; internal communication and organization of the practice.

2. Strategic Planning Phase:

The second phase will encompass creating a strategic plan that includes its mission, vision and core values for the practice. A strategic plan answers “where are we going?” It is articulated with enough detail that the entire team understands the direction of the practice and can make decisions that collectively align to the same “future state”. When the team is involved with the creation of the strategic plan, it will be easier for them to buy into the changes needed for the practice. The shared strategic plan becomes the standard by which all decisions are made and measured.

The strategic planning meetings will take place on the second and third day of the initial on-site visit. Both meetings will last for four hours. The practice will need to be closed during these meetings for everyone to fully engage in the planning sessions. At the first meeting, Tracy will present a tailored presentation focused on why change is necessary and how the Relationship Centered Practice framework can transform the practice from its current state to the ideal future state. At the second meeting, Tracy will facilitate a planning session with the entire team to define the practice’s core values, mission and vision. The entire team will be involved in the implementation planning process and Tracy will help them understand how they can function as change leaders.

3. Implementation Phase:

The third phase will encompass creating written strategic plan to realize the vision and address current issues facing the practice. Within two weeks after the initial on-site visit, Tracy will submit a written report of her findings and recommendations including a detailed action plan. In addition, Tracy will provide on-going support with the implementation of the strategic plan and will work with the management team to identify specific actionable opportunities and develop practical strategies to accomplish the objectives and goals. Accountability measures will be established monthly to assist with achieving the agreed goals and objectives. Tracy will serve as your “behind-the-scenes” resource, assisting you and other key leaders in moving the practice towards its ideal future. Tracy’s role would include being sounding board for plans, ideas and techniques for implementation steps, devil's advocate on key moves, and facilitator of the transition process itself. Tracy will recommend adjustments to existing systems and procedures/protocols that require modification to work efficiently within the new structure. Tracy will readily provide various tools and templates regarding human resources, marketing and customer service, standards, policies, operational workflow, etc. upon request. By allowing Tracy to work closely with you and your team, it will ensure you are making progress towards your goals. Scheduling a conference call twice monthly throughout the twelve-month project is ideal for making progress with the tailored action plan.

Fees and Terms

Scope of Work
Discovery Phase
Strategic Planning & Implementation Phase(Includes hundreds of tools, templates, and access to RCPA online course)
Total Project Costs





All out-of-pocket expenses, as may be necessary (i.e.: airfare, hotel, meals, printed handouts), will be billed in the month incurred.

Payments and Expenses

Payment terms are three monthly payments of $11,667 with first payment due at the time of signing this engagement agreement and the two remaining payments will be automatically charged to your credit card (30) thirty days and (60) sixty days after your first payment. All out-of-pocket and travel expenses, as may be necessary (i.e.: airfare, hotel, meals, printed handouts), will be billed two weeks after on-site visit and due upon receipt of invoice.                                                    

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