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Are you ready to have the thriving and reputable veterinary practice you’ve dreamed of, without all the business headaches and frustrations?

The Relationship Centered Practice® Academy, a proven online training program from leading veterinary consultant Tracy Dowdy.


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Often times, a talented and intelligent veterinarian will have spent years pursuing their passion for animals, but will eventually find themselves feeling overwhelmed with the ins and outs of managing a veterinary practice. Veterinary schools and traditional support systems failed to prepare veterinary professionals for delegating tasks to employees, implementing standards and protocols, creating improvement action plans, and charting practice growth. Thousands of practice owners face these problems. Our message is simple:

Be bold. It is not weakness to ask for help.

You don’t have to live with burnout, stress, poor profitability and a lack of clarity for how to improve. Take charge, and we’ll solve this together.


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Have you felt like you've got all this potential locked up inside of you, but you're unsure how to unlock it? Do you feel like your business or leadership skills need to go to a new level, but you're not sure of the right steps? Working with a qualified and competent coach can make ALL the difference.

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Learn how to grow and manage your practice through Tracy’s educational live training series. Learn business-critical skills and strategies anywhere you are! When you participate in Tracy’s live training you get access to content rich, interactive training that features a Q&A session at the end. For practical information that can help you take your practice and team to the next level, sign up for a webinar today.


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