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About Tracy Dowdy, CVPM

Tracy helps veterinarians and their teams operate successful, thriving practices. As a certified practice manager, a former practice owner, and the daughter of a veterinarian, Tracy knows the veterinary profession inside and out. For Tracy, her work is personal. She wants veterinary practices to be successful, veterinary professionals to be happy and satisfied with their careers, and pets to live long, healthy lives.  Tracy is known throughout the industry for her unique and transformative consulting, which has propelled hundreds of practices to incredible heights of success. Her Relationship Centered Practice Academy is second-to-none when it comes to online practice management courses and is an excellent alternative option for practice owners and managers who are looking to improve their practices without the expense of a one-on-one consultant.  Tracy is recognized nationally and is frequently invited to speak at events and seminars across the country. Tracy has been published in many industry publications including AAHA’s Trends magazine, Veterinary Economics, and Veterinary Team Brief. Tracy is a charter member and past president of VetPartners, a non-profit association whose members are industry advisors and experts. 

About Relationship Centered Practice®

Most practices do not have a strong business plan and operational model to adopt and follow the path of profitability and success. In this online course, members will be introduced to the Relationship Centered Practice, a comprehensive framework to create and optimize a thriving, profitable practice that is centered on the relationships it has with its clients, patients, and team.  The components of the Relationship Centered Practice® will pave the way for veterinarians and teams to create and optimize a thriving, profitable practice that is centered on the relationships it has with its clients, patients, and each other. The Relationship Centered Practice® framework consists of the following five components, which are essential to practice success: 

  • Identify Your Compelling Vision and Strategic Plan
  • Build a Self-Reliant Team
  • Set Standards 
  • Create Systems A to Z
  • What You Measure, You Can Improve

Just think about how your life and your business could be affected if you implemented the five components of the Relationship Centered Practice®. Others would be less dependent on you and other key stakeholders, and you would be free to focus on the things you love and are passionate about. Your practice would become systems-dependent (rather than you-dependent), grow in revenue and profits, and would ultimately become more valuable. Most importantly, the people and pets your practice serves would be better for it. You and your team would feel proud of what you had accomplished, and you would know your practice is the best it can be.  




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